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Moving to a new home – that thought conjures up both excitement and dread. I remember the day like it was yesterday when we moved all of our household goods – not just across town (though we have done that) and not even across country – we made that move too… moving from Kansas to California…then after about a year we packed up our stuff and moved from Los Angeles to San Diego, and 4 years later from California we moved all of our belongings to Dallas Texas. And believe it or not, about 5 years later, we again moved from Dallas back to California – Geesh, do we ever learn? But the big move was from Dallas, Texas to Belgrade, Yugoslavia. Yes, and that particular household move took a lot of time, and energy as well as packing supplies galore – the whole gamut really: first we had to get organized, then buy moving boxes in just about every conceivable size and shape, like: wardrobe boxes, kitchen boxes for dishes, small boxes for books due to their weight, larger boxes for the bulky items and of course lots and lots of moving supplies such as tape, bubble wrap, tie downs, plastic wrap, packing paper, and shipping labels.

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Best way to pack your house up?

After describing the above moving experience, the question begs to be asked: What is the best way to pack up your house and move? Especially getting it all relocated with a minimum of damage?

With a little care and planning, you and your household goods can both arrive in mint condition. The point in boxing up items is to protect them from movement; in fact most damage comes from vibration. Picture a stack of dishes in a box on the bed of a bouncing truck. No matter how well the sides are padded, a firm up-and-down jolt could crack the entire stack. On the other hand, dishes packed on edge and surrounded by bubble wrap have a better chance of surviving the trip unharmed. And that’s always the goal of any move, transfer or relocation.

Find the right Packing Materials
In the long run, it pays to purchase the right packing materials. Sturdy boxes, Packing Tape, Bubble Wrap, and Packing Paper are well worth the money. Even something as simple as a Tape Dispenser may help your move progress more efficiently. I actually got to a place where I thoroughly enjoyed taping boxes – a little weird perhaps, but it gave me a sense of accomplishment and time to think about my travels ahead. Let me exhort you now to be sure and supplement with massive amounts of packing paper, blankets, moving pads and pillows; even clothing can serve as a buffer between breakable objects. There should be no empty space in a box, however don’t over-pack the box either. In the end, you are better off to have a few extra boxes than to save the space by over-packing and having it split open in shipping.

Also, use the right box. A good packing job starts with strong, sturdy boxes.
Boxes have a seal on the bottom that gives their strength and capacity. That seal will indicate a weight limit and an “Edge Crush Test” rating. 32ect is standard for most moving boxes. 44ect is standard for most wardrobe boxes and larger specialty boxes. And the good news is that you’re not left alone to know which boxes to get. There are plenty of excellent sites that will give you moving guides. Simply do a Google search or check out a moving guide here.

And how did my move turn out? Well………just fine actually. We broke a few small things, but in our case, our big relocation from the USA to Yugoslavia went very smoothly (as did the return trip 15 months later) . We boxed it all up, and placed it on a container ship and literally shipped it all the way to Denmark before they trucked it down to Belgrade – with hardly any wear and tear. So take heart, if you are about to relocate and move due to personal or business reasons, and whether your move is across town, across the USA or across the world, you CAN pack up your belongings with confidence knowing that they are safe if you’ll just follow the guideline of your favorite moving and box companies and the guidelines they provide.

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Bon voyage!!

Our best to you as you pack up and move,
The team!

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