Are You Moving? Need Boxes and Packing Supplies?

Moving Boxes and Packing Supplies

Moving Boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, stretch wrap, and so much more. Where do you find the best products at the best price – so that you can make your move with as little stress as possible?

What Makes Us the #1…Moving Box and Supply Company

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Moving Boxes & Supplies


Boxes and supplies when you are moving are as basic a need as you can get. They are the lifeblood. They are not the “sexy” part so to speak but without sturdy and reliable supplies and boxes, your goods end up still in your old home or in a heap on your driveway.

Packupthehouse and Moveout, also known as Boxkits are the companies that we will review here. These three companies work under the same umbrella – packupthehouse is a sales affiliate and their prices and service are exactly the same. Their purpose is to attract and assist customers and allow boxkits and moveout to fulfill the order.

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Reputation? From every indication, Moveout and boxkits are reliable and trustworthy companies, that supply a quality product, and stand behind what they supply and what they say. They are known to be the #1 online box and moving supply company – whereas, UHaul may have more walk-in business, Moveout/Boxkit, currently control the online orders. They give each customer free shipping within the USA and a guarantee of 3 days or rights of refusal (see below).

Partners? Some of the known partners of Moveout/Boxkit include: International Paper, UPS shipping, Henkel Corp and Dial corp, Sealed air, as well as Google and


Their claims? If their claims are fulfilled, they are impressive. All indications are that customers are pleased to do business with them.

Next Day Delivery 80%+ of the USA – order by 4pm m-f | Lowest Prices double the difference price guarantee | 100% Free Shipping throughout the USA – no minimum order |Quality Boxes top quality boxes | Tougher Tape real Duck® packing tape in all kits | Better Bubble real Bubble Wrap® in all kits | Money Back Guarantee 100% money back guarantee

The majority of sales are done through direct sales affiliates such as Packupthhouse, but should not to be construed as anything other than normal and acceptable – in the same manner that most corporations have outside independent sales associates. Their website and all purchases are Completely Secure: with 128 SSL encryption and they accept all major credit cards. You can reach their site at Moving Boxes and supplies

Moving Boxes, Packing Supplies, Bubble Wrap, and more

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