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Moving day approaches and while it’s no small task, plan ahead and it will be much simpler.  Get the moving boxes, packing tape, moving supplies and all the bubble wrap you need in advance.

Items to consider:

Large, medium and small moving boxes, book boxes, wardrobe boxes, kitchen dishpak boxes, mattress covers, bubble wrap, wrapping paper, packing tape, tape dispenser, a hand dolly.

Here are some simple ideas when packing to move:

BIG things

  •  Beds 

Tie frames together with tape or rope. Then label the pieces so they’re easy to remember.

  • Bureaus, dressers, chest of drawers

Fill drawers with clothes or fragile but well-wrapped items. Cover with a blanket or one of our furniture pads  and rope securely.

  • Tables   

Remove the legs, pad,  and tie together. Put nuts and bolts in a bag  and tape under tabletop.

  •  Big  Appliances  freezer and dishwasher.

Empty, defrost and drain the fridge, Clean the interiors and put accessories  in bags. Stuff towels between  washer sides to prevent rotating and tape down moveable parts. Cover with blankets and tie.

  • Computers,  Electronics

Use original packaging, or buy some TVs and  of our electronic-specific boxes.

Small things

  • Small 

Put your microwave, VCR, etc. into boxes appliances  and cushion with crumpled paper.

  • Books 

Pack them flat in small cartons, alternating bindings. Try to keep each  box under 30  pounds.

  • Clothing 

Pack hanging items, including drapes, in our wardrobe  boxes. Leave small items in drawers.

  • Collectibles 

Wrap fragile items in our bubble roll and tape securely.

  • DVDs/CDs  

Pack upright and cushion with newspaper.

  • Kitchenware 

Stack pots and pans, and cushion with paper. Put a few aside and label “Kitchen. Open  first.”

  • Dishes 

Never stack them flat. Wrap  each  piece in packing paper, then wrap bundles

of five together with more paper. Pack plates and saucers on edge. Wrap cups and bowls in paper  and place together in bundles, and wrap again. Place around the plates and saucers.

How to Pack

Awkward things

Chairs  Wrap arms and legs with bubble roll. Leave slipcovers on or purchase our chair bags  for protection.

Bicycles  Loosen the handlebars  and turn them sideways. Cover chains and pedals to keep grease  off other items.

Mirrors,  Wrap small pieces in plain newsprint and artwork  pack in our mirror boxes. Cover larger and frames  pieces with cardboard, tape securely and stand them along truck side, or place inside our wardrobe  boxes if it fits.

Lawn  If too heavy or bulky, disassemble and put furniture  nuts and bolts in a bag  and tie together.

 Rugs  Roll up and secure with rope or tape.

 Plants  Put in plastic bags  with air holes, then in boxes. Water  before you leave.

 ower and  Wrap all sharp edges  and use bubble wrap on garden tools for cushioning to prevent injury. Tape long- handled tools together and place small ones in boxes.

Lawn mowers   Empty gasoline from all tanks, check and yard edgers  for oil leaks, and disconnect spark plugs.

Garage and  Use our medium-sized boxes for attic things  unopened  paint cans, brushes, car waxes, etc. Properly dispose of oily rags or anything combustible.

No-no things

Flammable  We  don’t allow any flammable items items  like fuel, oils, propane  or aerosol cans in any of our trucks, ever, for your safety. Liquids  You won’t be happy if something spills on a cardboard box.

Jewelry  Keep all jewelry and other valuables with you.

Candles - They melt. Wax is funny like that.

S I X   T R I C K S   T O   P A C K   L I K E   A   P R O

1    Pack breakables loosely with lots of cushion material like bubble roll. Label them “fragile” and stack these boxes on top.

2    Pack non-breakables tightly in smaller boxes so they’re not too heavy.

3    Mark your boxes by room and general content so you know exactly where everything goes. Label them on the sides, not the tops, which may be covered by other boxes.

4    Pack and label an “essentials” box of things you’ll need right away. Pack it last in the truck, unload it first.

5    Don’t leave space in boxes. Fill in gaps with clothing or crumpled-up packing paper.

6    Tape boxes properly. Tape the bottom seam first, then the top to close. Then wrap tape around the box near the top and bottom edges  – that’s where the box experiences the most stress.

 With moving comes new adventures and a new place to call home. You may have to leave some items behind during your move, but if you want to take it all, look at our many box and moving options.   

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If you need to get organized as you move, we have a large selection of shelves, cabinets and more on this page.

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