Moving Preparation 2 Weeks Before the Move

Rather than 14 days, your last two weeks may just be around 12 days to go. Reason is mainly because the last 2 days of that 2 weeks will be centered on last minute packing and cleaning. With two weeks to go you’ll probably want to consider telling your cellular phone company that you’re moving, and consider letting your regular clients know that you’ll have new address. Relocating may not come aseasy as we thought soemploying experts is our other option. Visit edmonton moving companies to find out alot more!

Since your address is changing, you should inform your suppliers of your new address so that items will probably be shipped or brought to your new house. If necessary, you need to set up a mailing redirect or contact your mail provider.

Mailing redirects are a good way to ensure that you don’t lose your mail while not having to remember or track your mailings, always confirm with the post office depot in question what this redirection service covers and whether its available. They will be able to help you on how best to take care of this, and possibly advise you of anything that can’t be redirected, such as parcel deliveries from third party delivery companies.

One of the things that won’t be redirected are major bills and bank statements, identification cards or forms due to increased cases of identity theft here in the country. You can’t guarantee that the people moving in to your old home will forward your billing information or other sensitive documents, so its crucial that you ensure you know what you should transfer and keep a list so that you can mark off what you are transferring bills.

If you haven’t paid the deposit for your new home, its wise to do it now. From here on in, your move is most likely assured and things should seem a little more secured.


Relocating may not come asquick as we believed soacquiring professionals is our other option. Go to QHP Canadian Movers to know even more!

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