Need a Trustworthy Shipper or Mover?

What if you could find Shipping and moving services you can trust @ prices you’ll love! Hmm, that sounds like a moving day dream!

Shipping Large Items

Why not have shipping companies compete so that YOU get the best possible price when you are shipping household goods, pets, vehicles and more? Find QUALITY and yet “cheap” movers.

Shipping and moving is a lot of work and while some of us are quick to take on that responsibility as a “do it yourself type”, others would rather have someone else do the “heavy lifting.”

uShip Shipping Quotes

Plus there are the “special needs” for moving and shipping that you have to consider… for instance, how do you best move your boat, motorcycle or RV when you are already spread thin transporting two cars full of your household goods? Then of course there’s your pets, your plants, your piano, woodworking equipment, welder, and various other “junk” that you have accumulated and want to move with you. Some of which have special moving requirements that may well be beyond your ability or at least beyond your expertise, time and patience level and require fine art moving companies or something equally careful in the niche.

How about Moving Van lines Scams and rip-offs?

Will some movers scam you, take your money and break your household goods? Well, let me ask you: Is any profession free of degenerates? I’m confident that it’s not news to you that in any given profession, you’ll find people who will take advantage of you. Car salesmen are often the least trusted people in America, followed by stockbrokers, real estate agents, insurance agents, and mechanics. Now personally, I know trusted men and women in all of those professions, yet like the old saying goes, “there are a few bad apples in every bunch.” And that is true, and those few “bad apples in the moving companies give a black-eye to the honest hardworking men and women who are trying to do good solid work.

.advertisement  Personally I have used a number of shipping companies to ship pallet loads of products with no real problems. UPS and FedEx are very good as well as a number of other US freight companies and international movers too. Yes, things can get broken – no matter how much wrapping paper you use and how much tape you apply to the box – and while that’s unfortunate, the ultimate issue is “will they make it right?”

The testimonies and descriptions of moving day bad experiences usually sound like this:

BEWARE…of “XYZ” Moving Van Lines…

  • My move was an absolute nightmare…
  • I was overcharged and lied to…
  • NUMEROUS broken items…
  • I was told “they are not responsible for how my items arrive, only that they get here..
  • They packed 29 boxes and received back boxes ripped open, gone through and damaged…
  • They denied any responsibility After making a payment upfront, I had a problem on the day of the move and no one would help me..
  • And on and on it goes…

Tips to avoid bad experiences when you relocate?

  • REALIZE scam artists are professionals – everyone is a potential victim.
  • ASK for references and call them. Be VERY diligent in checking out the company – simply do not take their word alone.
  • TALK with a trusted friend or relative before making this decision.
  •  BE SUSPICIOUS of high pressure sales tactics.
  • PAY BY CHECK so you can stop payment if dissatisfied; NEVER PAY CASH.
  • PRINT “Deposit Only” on the back of personal checks to create a “paper trail”.
  • BE SURE the work is completed to your satisfaction before you make final payment.
  • REQUIRE a guarantee on the work.
  • BE SURE you understand and agree to all provisions in a contract or agreement.
  • CONTACT your homeowners insurance carrier and see if they will insure any lost items – if not, check with other independent insurers – (some insurance companies may have recommendations for movers) CHECK the Better Business Bureau to see if complaints have been filed against the person or business you are considering. And look at

 Who CAN I count on to help move my boxes and furniture, vehicles, heavy items, antiques and EVEN My Pets?

Shipper Recommendation: I recently came across a couple of sites that create a bidding system so that YOUR relocation needs can be fulfilled in the way that you want it and at the cost that is to your linking. If you are at all like me, you like to know that you getting a good deal…you may choose to go as low budget as you can or even choose to go “all out” and spend some extra and have all your relocation needs covered, but either way, it’s nice to know that YOU are getting exactly what YOU need. You’ll find that information below.

uShip Shipping Quotes

Shipping Large Items

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