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Storage space sheds have become an integral part of the suburban landscape over the last several years.  In fact virtually all mobile home communities require the homeowner to have a storage space shed that matches the exterior of the mobile home. Even many of the upscale RV parks now routinely provide a storage shed for their guests at each camp spot.

Because of this widespread diversity of storage shed use there has to be a wide diversity of shed plans, and there is.  In essence there are two types of outside storage sheds .  One type is just for maintaining items that do not lend on their own to being stored in the home and the other type is a storage shed that is dedicated to a distinct function.  An example of the latter would be a garden shed which is dedicated to just serving the needs of the home gardener.

General storage space sheds make up the lions share of sheds in use today.  They function as a multi-use structure for segregating items such as Christmas arrangements from thegeneral  area of a home or garage.  All the while being used to keep the lawnmower and assorted other yard equipment safely out of the elements.

Outdoor storage sheds can also serve an add-on dual purpose as not only a place for long term storage but as a party palace area.  You can keep your BBQ and veranda furniture just within the door ready to whip out at the first sign of good weather.

Storage sheds make outdoor life easier by giving the homeowner a place that accents the main property and provides an ancillary room addition of sorts.  Storage shed plans come in many shapes and sizes to fit any need or want.  Barn sheds, garden sheds, flat top roof sheds, just about any kind of shed you can imagine has a large quantity of plans available for building it.

So what do you look for when trying to find  storage shed plans ?  The first thing to do is to identify what you want the storage space shed to do.  Next make a decision on a look.  Try to both find a style that mimics the house you live in or actually complements it and sets the main property off.  An example of a shed that would embellish the landscaping would be the utilization of a barn shed.  This style shed with its distinctive roof line and wall features creates a unique attraction for any yard.

One of the last concerns and yet a limiting issue is the size of the shed itself.  Some yard areas will not permit an excessively large storage space shed so the plans sought must take this into account.  Large sheds also present a issue as many homeowners will tend to think that “just a little bit bigger” will be better.  This is not true.  The larger the shed the more work to build it, the more material required and the larger the maintenance requirement. 

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