Two Weeks Before Moving

Instead of 14 days, your last two weeks may just be around 12 days to go. Reason is because the last 2 days of that 2 weeks will be dedicated to last minute packing and cleaning. One of the primary things you need to keep in mind is to inform your mobile company of the new address in addition to telling your regular clients that you’re moving. Dont forget to get more information about storage containers.  

Most enterprises have items mailed to them if your suppliers ship to you often, you will need to contact them to let them know that your address is changing. It is advisable to contact your mail provider too. If needed, you have to set up a mailing redirect.

Your post office depot got to be contacted regarding the services covered as soon as you sign up for a redirection. Mail redirects are fantastic ways to ensure that you will not lose any mails shipped to you. Contacting your provider is a great thing since they can give you advises regarding how to best care for your mails and what other things are allowed to be redirected. Such as, parcel deliveries from third party companies.

Its crucial that you consider what are the things that you’ll most likely leave behind but never consider redirecting your major bills and bank statements, notice of payments from people, identification forms, etc. You can’t ensure that the people moving in to your old home will forward your billing information or other sensitive documents, so its important to ensure you know what you should transfer and keep a list so that you can mark off what you are transferring bills.

Right now you should also consider paying out any deposit if you haven’t done this or made arrangements to do so already. From here on in, your move is most probably assured and things should seem a bit more secured.


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