Types of Cushioning Materials Used in Overseas Removals

One of the most vital aspects of overseas removals is packing the items to ready them for the long voyage. Since transportation and moving may involve rough handling, shaky movements, impacts and vibration during transit, the items are vulnerable to damage. To prevent your beloved belongings from being destroyed, they need to be protected while they are shipped. You can do this by adding package cushioning.

Cushioning is often placed inside a shipping container such as a corrugated box or a crate. It is designed to crush or deform to diminish the shock and vibration levels that might otherwise damage the thing contained inside the box. How much package cushioning is needed depends on the actual situation; packaging could fill a space just an inch or two, or several inches thick.

Here are some common packaging materials used in overseas removals:

1. Loose fill – these are cushion products that are flowable and can be packed loosely around things that are put inside a shipping container. Common examples of loose fill cushioning include foam peanuts, starch-based foam or, believe it or not, popcorn!

2. Paper – crushed and wadded paper can be an efficient cushioning material. Crumpled old newspapers are commonly used, and heavier grades of paper are utilized for heavier objects. Many movers also utilize creped cellulose wadding, Kraft paper, or embossed pulp to wrap objects before putting them inside vehicle shipping containers.

3. Corrugated fibreboard pads – these are multi-layered cases of corrugated cardboard that can deform and crush under shock to provide cushioning during overseas removals.

4. Styrofoam structures – Styrofoam, which is specifically made to conform to the shape of the product, is used to keep an object from moving while it is in the box. Common examples are the Styrofoam blocks you see when you first unpack a brand new appliance.

5. Inflated products – the most common of these is bubble wrap, which is actually a sheet of plastic film with enclosed bubbles that provide cushion. There are also other types of inflated air cushions that you can utilize to protect your packed belongings.

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