Your Moving Day

The day of moving is all about pulling you out of one home and into another one. If you’ve hired a company, all you will need to do is supervise them, or stay away entirely. If you haven’t, you may want to consider to have some strong close relatives and close friends on hand to help you transfer all your belongings into your vehicle. For more real estate tips, visit Waterloo real estate.. 

Just before you transfer, you must go through the following list and be sure you have taken care of everything on it.

Moving day by itself will most likely pass in a blur, so its better to try to relish your final moments in your home before leaving. You very likely had many memories, good and bad, there, and full closure on that time in your life is very important, so that you can move on.

Was your new home already paid out? Or do you have to pay it when you’ve moved? Have you clearly explained, or marked any repairs necessary within your old home? Were the furnitures you’re leaving behind currently examined for whatever you’ve concealed there and neglected? Are you leaving behind instruction materials or guides for home equipments you are leaving behind? Are the new utilities prepared for your new house? Have you changed your billing address and called your bank, phone and other firms who send you a regular monthly bill? Have you arranged a mail redirect? Is there something that you also have to fix just before you transfer? Do you have somebody else to do the fixes for you?

You’ll need to keep a couple of boxes, or bags readily available so that you can grab anything that you’ve skipped, that’s been knocked into a corner, or essentials that you have kept out for the move. The latter should be marked clearly so that you can locate them at the other end.

You must take a final meter reading, and close any water, power or gas supplies if nobody is likely to be in the house for some days after you.

The guidelines above will not just make sure you’ve organized everything systematically but also spare you the stress of needing to phone the buyers of your old house, possible identity theft and the fear for any future disruptions. You’ll also be able to loosen up and enjoy the move itself.

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